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Production Monitoring

Enjoy 24/7 online access to OEE data, contracts, details of production bottlenecks, employee monitoring, production operation visualisation and data needed to predict future trends.

We will reduce unplanned production downtime by setting up suitable and effective processes. When designing processes, we work with the available data and optimise stock. The use of smart glasses allows us to make considerable savings in the cost of on-site calls of service technicians and speed up information exchange between various operations.

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How monitoring will help you

  • Immediate access to performance figures or charts
  • Immediate response to abnormalities
  • Leaner manufacturing and improvement tips
  • More accurate planning of capacity and delivery dates
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Fewer complaints

Benefits of production monitoring

lower direct costs of servicing and maintenance
lower direct costs of stock
more efficient collection and evaluation of process data
connection to enterprise systems (ERP, SAP, etc.)
fewer complaints
overview of employees and shifts

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Why you should come with us

Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing


We have completed projects for OEM and TIER1 companies


Your information is safe


We address practice and real benefits