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Vuzix smart glasses

Augmenting your reality.

We deploy smart glasses wherever employees frequently use assembly or service documents while needing to keep their hands free to work. The glasses display assembly and service instructions to the user. By deploying the AR (Augmented Reality) technology, we will speed up the work of your employees, reduce the error rate and make the onboarding process faster.

In addition to the above applications, smart glasses are also commonly used for remote service and maintenance, allowing the specialist to resolve the issue immediately without the need for an on-site call.

Another significant benefit is that modern workplaces equipped with smart glasses attract those employees who enjoy interacting with new technologies. Our clients that deployed the solution experienced a drop in employee turnover in the onboarding phase.

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Where to use Vuzix smart glasses

  • Logistics – warehouse management, inventory, shelf positions
  • Quality – visualisation, control instructions, designation of key areas
  • Service and maintenance – remote administration, service manuals, information exchange by operations
  • Production – onboarding, telemetry, evaluation, data collection, work instructions
  • Online shops – handling of goods using barcodes and QR codes

Examples of the use of smart glasses

Benefits of Vuzix smart glasses

Remote assistance
Digitisation of documentation
Lower onboarding and repair costs
Reduction of process errors
Shorter order-to-delivery times
Fewer accidents
Attractive tool for employees

Key features

  • Up to eight hours of operation
  • May be connected to a power bank
  • Low weight
  • Wireless design
  • Touch and voice control
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
  • HD camera
  • May be connected to an external barcode reader
  • Online and offline use
  • User-friendly interface and controls
  • May be integrated into most ERP, MES and CRM systems

We have complete technical specifics for you in PDF:

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