We are not afraid to put on overalls and get our hands dirty at work. We are not afraid to make tough decisions in order to bring success and profit to your business.

We will find you the right managers, with a proven track record and achievements. Our interim manager will help you solve a crisis and provide the missing capacity and industry-specific knowledge that you currently need in your team. The services of interim managers are available on a long-term or fixed-term basis.

We will also propose technological solutions that prevent production downtime, reduce material and waste costs or support employee efficiency.

Interim management
We will find a new quality manager, production manager or other key people for you.
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Expert trainings
Choose a ready-made training course or have training tailored to your team.
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Smart glasses
Use smart glasses and augmented reality to save both time and service costs.
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Production Monitoring
Get online access to OEE data, details of production bottlenecks, employee monitoring and visualisation of internal process data.
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ISO and VDA audits
Make sure you meet all the requirements of the ISO, IATF and VDA standards and of your customers.
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Materials Engineering
See if materials engineering methods can improve the quality and properties of your products.
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Why you should come with us
Each of us has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing
We have completed projects for OEM and TIER1 companies
Confidentiality of information
Your information is safe with us
We address practice and real benefits