APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)

APQP serves both as a guide in the development process and as a standard for sharing results between suppliers and customers in the automotive industry.

APQP specifies three product phases – development, industrialisation and product launch. In these phases, we monitor 23 main topics that must be completed before mass production begins.

The topics include aspects such as design robustness, design testing and specification compliance, production process design, quality inspection standards, process capability, production capacity, product packaging, product testing and the training plan.

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Training content

  • Introduction to APQP
  • Product development monitoring
  • Supplier process management
  • Link to D FMEA
  • Process control
  • Link to PPAP
  • Advantages of APQP
1 day/8 hours
Form of graduation
Group size
4-15 people
Who is the training for
The training is intended for research and development staff, quality assurance staff and project and development engineers who want to acquire knowledge of quality planning or expand their existing knowledge.
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