The Basics of Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a production method developed by Toyota as the Toyota Production System (TPS). A manufacturer pursuing this approach to production makes efforts to satisfy the customer’s requirements to the greatest extent possible by producing only what the customer demands and by making products as fast as possible, with minimum costs, to the best quality standards, and with no inconvenience to the customer.

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Training content

  • Five steps to boost productivity
  • Lean manufacturing process and principles
  • Identifying loss and waste in a process
  • Causes of waste and their elimination
  • Defining standards and visual management
  • Boosting productivity by improving processes and flows
  • Tools and methods supporting the growth of productivity
1 day/8 hours
Form of graduation
Group size
4-15 people
Who is the training for
The training is intended for all employees of businesses and organisations whose role is to drive and ensure the improvement of productivity.
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