Control Plan

A control plan (also referred to as a production management and control plan) is a document that uses well-established and time-tested methods to define inspection sequences and resources relevant to a particular production process or product.

A control plan guarantees that quality inspections are carried out and monitored, and that the product is made according to the customer’s requirements at all times.

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Training content

  • The role of a cross-functional team
  • Required inputs
  • The importance of measurement system capability
  • Monitoring of scattering
  • Response plans
  • Prototypes and pilot series production control plans
  • Mass production control plan
1 day/8 hours
Form of graduation
Group size
4-15 people
Who is the training for
This training is designed for research and development, production, quality assurance, quality planning, logistics and product development staff, including project and development engineers.
Why you should come with us
Each of us has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing
We have completed projects for OEM and TIER1 companies
Confidentiality of information
Your information is safe with us
We address practice and real benefits

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