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Interim Management

Cooperation with interim managers brings freedom to your business. If you need an expert for a fixed period of time to provide your business with missing know-how or stand in for someone who is absent, e.g. because of illness, hiring an interim manager is the best solution in terms of both money and time.

As the people we work with have a wealth of experience from a wide range of businesses, they can handle challenging situations and do not require extensive training to become part of your teams.

Interim manager needed

When to hire an interim manager

  • A key member of your team leaves suddenly or becomes incapacitated for a long period
  • You are expanding production, starting a new project or setting up new processes
  • You are facing increased demands from your customer
  • You need to maintain the continuity of process know-how

Why interim management pays off

Your business gains the experience obtained by our interim managers from their previous assignments in manufacturing companies.
Our interim managers share their knowledge with your employees, improving the quality of your services.
Our interim managers are reliable and maintain strict confidentiality of your information (in accordance with the NDA).

Do you have production experience and want to become an interim manager?
See our job openings or drop us a line.

Why you should come with us

Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing


We have completed projects for OEM and TIER1 companies


Your information is safe


We address practice and real benefits